Why Kurdistan?
A secure growth market with huge potential


Northern Iraq, the autonomous region of Kurdistan, is considered the region with the best investment conditions in Iraq due to its stable situation.

Security is the highest priority of the regional government. Thus, a large number of measures were implemented, which ultimately led to Kurdistan being spared terrorist attacks, as unfortunately known in southern Iraq. This is not a coincidence but the result of a security-oriented policy.

Because security and political stability are the basic prerequisites for economic success.


Kurdistan is characterized by constant growth. With its huge oil and gas reserves, it attracts investors from around the world. This is the engine of continuous growth of over 5% in other industries such as construction, industry and tourism.

In addition, there is significant population growth and an increase in purchasing power, with the result that the demand for everyday goods is steadily rising.

The likelihood is that there will be a growing market for your products or services in Kurdistan

High Investment Needs

But northern Iraq is not only of interest to the oil and gas industry. Due to the political situation of the past years, there is an urgent need in all industries - especially in the areas of infrastructure, wastewater and waste management, renewable energies and sustainable technology and product development. On the way to new times, German companies enjoy great popularity, as they stand for quality and innovation.